FMC Logística







Our main difference is to provide the service accordingly to the structure of our clients.  



We promote an assistance on supply chain management for our clients throughout a solid partnerships in order to drive importation and exportation operations generating savings on international and local logistics, agility on movement of cargos, optimizing resources and communication, resulting on a customs clerance/ operation without unforseens. 



  • International Purchases                                 
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Asset Planning
  • International Logistics
  • Lifecycle Product Management
  • Local Logistics and Customs Logistics
  • Operations at the 05 Brazilian regions, since 2020




HistoryFMC was raised in 2017 from the union of 03 professionals with large experience on logistics projects related to the supply chain management, since building of contracts with third parties outsourced until the end-to-end management for importations and exportation’s, at multinationals and Brazilian companies, involving multiple project scopes as well as politics and economy scenarios.


Objective: Offer to the market higher competitiveness at logistics among importations and exportation’s, not just customs clearing cargos, but also stimulating efficiency at Operators, Ports and Airports, Customs Agents, Inspector Agencies and developing our client’s process.


Mission: Succeed a Brazilian customs clearance market, technically stagnated and, in parallel, develop new strategies for the supply chain management link to importation and exportation stakeholders.


Values: Responsability, Honesty, Commitment, Ethic, Respect,  Operational Pragmatism.